Uploading 3D instructions

In order to successfully build a material as 3D Instructions, you need to prepare and upload a zip archive with the following structure:

  • build.ini
  • one or more *.ldr files
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  • 14 Nov 2018


The build.ini file defines some basic settings for the build and has the following structure:

main_ldr_file = *the-name-of-the-main-ldr-file*
rotation_matrix_precision = *integer-value-between-1-and-5*

The first value *the-name-of-the-main-ldr-file* is the name of the file from which the script will start and is actually the file that will be shown in the 3D Instructions. The second value represents the precission with which the script performs checks if the matrices of the parts are orthogonal. The default value is 3, but you have the ability to change it.

Ldr file(s)

The instructions can be multiple files with refferences or a single ldr file with defined inline submodules. 

Dat file(s)

The script allows you to have dat files in the zip. Dat files are interpretated as a part and the script will not show their assembly instructions.


Note that no other files are allowed and you will get a build error.

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