Conditional Messages Syntax

Conditional Messages allows you to send an message to people for which specific conditions apply. For example people that have just enrolled and their subscription is active 

records.days_old=0, subscriptions.status="active"

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Days old


Matches the records that have started the course X days ago. If X=0 than the message is send right the way when the record is created, eg the use is enrolled. 

Id Mod


Seachers for records where mod X=Y
Designed to be used for separating the records on chunks.
Syntaxt for searching is 'records.id_mod="X/A1;A2;..AN"' where X is the number of segments we want the records to be divided on
and A1;A2;..AN are the segments in which we want to take the records from

 records.id_mod="4/1" divides the records on 4 equal segments and takes the records in the second on.   


Days old 




Matches all subscriptions with the given status like "active", "canceled" or "deactivated"

Name"The subscription product name"

Matches all the records that have a subscription with the given hame. 


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