FLL 2018: How to accomplish M09 (lift heavy) from FIRST LEGO League 2018 Into Orbit. Review Pro Preview

This video tutorial contains a detailed explanation on how we accomplish the FIRST LEGO League 2018-2019 Into Orbit mission called M09. STRENGTH EXERCISE. I could think for a couple of missions in previous years that require lifting a heavy object. Let's see how this mission could be accomplished. 

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  • 27 May 2019
  • 5:33

Align to the mission model

As in many of the other mission in the FIRST LEGO League 2018-2019 robotics competitions, this mission also requires us to align the robot with the mission model. If we do not precisely and accurately align we might not be able to complete the mission.

Programming and attachment

The programming is basic. Quite simple actually. But the attachment requires some skills to build. It is a system of gear wheels and levers that could transform a circular motion into a linear motion. 

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