How it works - 'Inertia triggered attachment' from LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor (LIVE) Pro Preview

This is a live video tutorial of an inertia triggered attachment build with LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor. The attachment, the robot and the mission model are all built from a single 51515 set. The cool thing about inertia triggered attachments is that they are active and are activated without the use of any motors which means that you have the motors for the other missions at FIRST LEGO League competitions. In the tutorial we demonstrate and explain how such attachments works and how they could be used.

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  • 08 Apr 2022
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The physical phenomenon of Inertia is quite interesting. It is the way the universe works and Newton has formalized it in an easy to understand law of physics - the third law of physics is - "If a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by a force". The same applies here - when the robot stops the attachment will continue moving forward until it hits the ground.

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