FLL 2022: Pull - Chain Monster box robot accomplishing M03 Energy Storage Pro Preview

Energy storage mission from FIRST LEGO League 2022-2023 is again a two parts mission where we have to drop a few energy units in the mission model, but we also have to pull part of the mission model. In this video tutorial we demonstrate how the Chain Monster LEGO box robot accomplishes this with a multi purpose attachment for box robots.

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  • 23 Apr 2024
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In this video tutorial, we accomplish this mission model, Energy Storage, by pulling the energy storage from beneath the mission model. This here is the mission model, and it's a two-part mission model where we have to pull one of the energy units and bring it back to base. We also have to drop three of the energy units inside of the energy storage mission model. In this first part, we're just pulling. The next time we get out of base, we will drop the energy units inside of the energy storage. This is the last mission from our five-mission run that we do with the Chain Monster box robot. We get to the mission model right here, where we have to align, and have to be really careful. How do we align here? We collect the energy storage from the previous mission, then we just collect this energy storage with the same attachment that we use to solve other missions. We reuse the attachment, which is cool. Here is a close-up view of how the attachment works. It has this part of the attachment that's on the front. And with it, we just pull the energy unit. The important thing is that we don't have to leave the attachment to the top. We can leave just a little bit, a few centimeters/inches, and then we collect the energy unit and it will return back to base. Hope this is helpful, and I'll see you in the next tutorial.

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