Getting to know the teacher and the rest of the students

In this course you will be working with other students in the group. These might be your classmates, teammates or students you know from other activities. It is important to know your group so that you could work together with them in the best possible way.

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Know your teacher

Your teacher will tell you something about himself/herself and then you will acquaint with the students in the group.
Remember the name of the teacher and address him/her by name!


Listen to others

Make sure you listen to the rest of the group and pay attention to details about them, the same way you wish they would listen to you.

Details that you all should share are:

  • your name;
  • your age;
  • your grade;
  • which school you are attending;
  • your favourite sport, extracurricular activity, hobby.

Share a story

Also, if the teacher considers it appropriate, you could share a short story or an achievement along the lines of "I've done something you haven't done".


In this course you are working along with other classmates, teammates. It might be a club or it might be some kind of an extracurricular activity and it is very important to know the people that you are working with. To know their name, their age, to know something interesting about them. That's why there are some very interesting games called Ice Breakers. Where you break the ice so that the one that's left behind could join the team. And continue working in this team. For example, a very interesting Ice Braking game is called I've done something you haven't done. So as you are in a group in turn each of you try to tell something and to tell a story about something that you've done but you think that nobody else in this group has done.

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