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Note for the teacher on how to organize the class to use different robot base constructions to accomplish the mission for lifting.

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  • 06 Mar 2017
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Box Robot

You can use the FLL Competition Robot, Box Robot 1, Box Robot 2, The FiveMinuteBot. We've decided to use the Box Robot 2.

Different robot base constructions

In the course, each group of the students could use different constructions and this will make the whole experience much more fun and interesting. 



A note for the teacher on constructing different robots, finding their center of gravity and using them to lift them and to attach them to the mission model. In the course we are using the Box Robot. And you can find the instructions for the Box Robot in the course. But you can also find instructions for the FLL Competition Robot, for Box Robot One, for the Five Minute Bot and you can try depending on your group you can try to direct them each group to do a different version of the robot. Yes, it will make the whole course a little bit more difficult for taking but it will probably be more fun because you'll have different problems that each group is facing and probably they can communicate with each other. If they are with the same robot, it will be much more easier to follow the course. So, if you have students that are not that experienced, work with one robot, all the groups working with the same robot. If you have students that are more experienced, you can give each group a different construction. And in this way you will be able to discuss different solutions that they came up with.

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