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Building a rack is a very important skill during competitions. You should try to build one, learn how to use it and have it as a tool for you next robots. But for this particular BoxRobot, we will not continue with a rack.

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  • 05 May 2017
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It is difficult to reach the height of our mission model using just a rack. The length of the rack is not enough and will be much more difficult to extend it using just the parts that we have. 

Rack attachment for lifting built with LEGO Mindstorms EV3

This construction demonstrates one way of using а rack with a gear wheel. It allows to turn circular motion in to a liniar one.


Building a rack and trying to lift the robot is a very good exercise but for our robot it was not working and here is why. We have our Box Robot and the mission is to lift this Box Robot - this specific Box Robot for us on the mission model. And when lifting the Box Robot on the mission model we should lift the whole robot to at least 14 LEGO units. And this means that if you have one beam and one of these beams - this one is like 15 units and to make the mission successfull we must lift to at least 14 LEGO units to attach it and to have a stable robot.

When using a rack in our case this was not possible. Why? Because the whole rack and the length of these straight parts right here is about 8-9 LEGO units. And it's just not enough as a length because even if we use the whole length of the rack, it is not enough for us to lift the whole robot. Now, this is specifically for our robot because we are using the Box Robot. If you are using another robot, these 8-9 LEGO units - the length of the rack might be enough for your robot. It's completely possible but for our robot - for the Box Robot this is not enough. And that's why we move to other solutions that you'll see in the next sections of the course.

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