Имена на най-използваните части в LEGO Mindstorms комплекта Pro Preview

Днес ще ви запознаем с имената и употребата на частите в един стандартен робот.

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  • 25 Jan 2017
  • 6:22

Нека се уверим, че използваме еднакви думи за частите в комплекта.

Имена за щифтовете

  • Черен щифт, двоен щифт;
  • Син щифт, троен щифт;
  • Син щифт с ос (за преходи между щифт и ос);
  • Червен щифт, щифт с глава (щифт с кръстат отвор).

Имена за гредите

  • греда петица, греда пет'найска;
  • Голямо и малко "Г" (Г-образни греди);
  • Двойно пречупена греда.

Части за движение

  • Джанти (има тънки и дебели джанти);
  • Ролки;
  • Гума и джанта заедно образуват Колело.

Части за пространствено въртене

  • Греда с щифтове;
  • Ъглова греда с щифтове.


In this video we'll look at the names of some of the most common Lego parts that are used with Lego Mindstorms EV3 set.

First, let's start with the pins. There are a number of different pins in the set. First, you can see one of the most common pins. It's a black pin, also called a double pin. The idea of the pins is that you attach the pins to the beams like this. So, a pin enters into a hole of the beam. And we have a double pin. We also have a blue pin and in some of the sets you can see it again in black color. But the difference with this pin is that it's a triple pin. So, the length of this pin is three holes instead of two as was with the previous pin. So, we have the blue pin - that's a double pin. And we have the black pin - that's a double pin. And we have the blue pin - that's a triple pin. Then we also have this special blue axle pin. And if you see it in the sets you can see that one end of the pin is in one form and in the other end of the pin has a form of an axle. And it's a very useful pin for attaching to a beam to another beam where one of the holes is with an axle. And then finally the third pin that we'll use currently has a color red but I've also seen it in black, I think. Yes, in black. And we can call this and a common name for this pin is torch pin.

It has a hole and it's a cross hole. You can place different axles in this cross hole like this. And these are the four kinds of very common pins in the set. Next to the pins we also have other parts in the set that are the beams. And this here is a beam. And it has a number of holes.

This is a beam with 15 holes. We've also heard people referred to these beams like five holer because it has five holes. Or like seven holer because it has seven holes. But these are all beams. They have different color although most of the time the color is not that important with the beams. They come in light grey, in dark grey, in some red I've seen, in yellow. And these are the beams. Also there are other beams that have angles. These beams have angles. And it is sometimes referred as L beams because it looks like L. You can see it. And it has three holes by five holes. And there is also another small L beam that has two by four holes. And that's for some of the beams. We also have angler beams. We have double angler beams like this one here. And this is basically for the beams. So, these are beams and they have different holes. Some of the holes we can attach pins directly. And with other holes we can attach axles. Like this. In the EV3 set we also have rims and tires. So, we have different rims. For example, this one here, and this one here. These are two different kind of rims. And we also have tires like this. That's the tire. Now, when you add the tire to the rim, you get a wheel. Sometimes in some of the constructions, you can also use the rims as pulleys in different constructions. But that's more like a special case. Most of the time we use them just as rims and with the tires they form a wheel. The wheel has a size and you can see the size right here. So, this gives you the diameter of the wheel and from here you can do a number of calculations on how you move your robots based on the wheels that the robots use. Next, we come to two of our favorite parts in the Lego Mindstorms EV3 set. These are the parts here. First, we have this part. And it's called beam with pins because it is actually a beam and it has two holes on one side and one hole here. And we also have a number of pins - four. So four different pins. The other part is an angler beam again with pins. So it's a beam with pins. And you can use these parts along with the other beams to change the spatial orientation of the different beams. When you attach different beams to one another, most of the time you get a construction that is a plain. And to build also vertically, you must change the orientation and you can use these two parts. They are very very useful. And this is for the parts.

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