За преподавателя: Имената на частите и речникът на децата Pro Preview

Преподавателят трябва да се старае да обогатява речника на учениците си при всеки удобен случай.

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  • 26 Jan 2017
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Обогатяване на речника

Добавянето на нови думи в речника на децата е важна част от обучителния процес.
Не е приемливо след няколко занятия ученик все още да казва че му трябва "онази синя част" или "червеното нещо".

Повторението - майка на знанието

Преподавателят трябва да предизвиква учениците да произнасят имената на частите при всеки удобен случай.
Обикновено това се случва, когато ученикът ви поиска част, или поиска помощ да намери някоя част в комплекта.


In this video as a teacher note, I would like to stop at why is it important for the students and for you as an instructor to make the students learn the different names of the different parts in the set.

Expanding the vocabulary of the student is very important in the learning process especially in classes that involve robotics because this is a new terminology for them. It is generally not acceptable and it's not acceptable for us after few classes your students to come to you and to say something like 'I need the blue thing or the blue part'. So that's not very acceptable. You as a teacher must make the student pronounce the names of the parts on every occasion. Usually, this is the moment when a student asks you to give them some part of the set, or ask you to help them find a piece in the set. Use these opportunities to make them pronounce and say the name of the different parts. We'll try to prepare a list with the names of the different parts that you can find below, attached in the material section. And have this list probably printed for you, or just open and try to learn the names of the different parts and also try to use each opportunity to make the students pronounce and say the names of the different parts.

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