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Improving FLL Robot Game. Teacher Note. Places you could lift your robot onto. Pro Preview

How to organize the different robots and group of students when working on lifting the robot.

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  • 06 Mar 2017
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Different robot

Each group could work with a different robot. You can construct the Box robot. This is our recommendation. 

Each student on different mission model

How to approach the organization of the groups in class when using different robots?

Set the height

When lifting the height of the mission model or the box is very important. Do not set it to high or to low. 


A note for the teacher if you don't have the mission model and how should you organize the different robots working in the group trying to lift themselves on the boxes or somewhere else. You might have a few groups of students each group working with a different robot. First, you can construct the Box Robot and we have instructions for this Box Robot in this course along with the other courses for Box Robot or some of them can construct the FiveMinute Bot or another robot that you have. I would recommend that you start working with the Box Robot. It will take you probably an hour or an hour and a half to construct this robot. It might take some time but it's a good exercise and then it will be easier for students to follow the course. Because they have the Box Robot. Then you can try to have each student work on a different mission model. You probably don't have and we don't expect you to have the mission model from the 2016/2017 Mission Animal Allies. And if you don't have this mission model you can construct the mission model that looks like this, resembles this construction. And it has just pins and it has some beams and that's it for the whole construction. So, the first task is to try with the students to construct something that looks like this mission model or if you don't have the parts you can use the boxes. And you can try to lift the robots over the boxes. Now, the height is kind of like the same of the box and the robot. So, you might try to put the box on something like a book or another box. And the last thing that you should consider is that when you attach to the box finally or to the mission model it is kind of difficult to attach to the box. Because it has these round angles. And you can, for example, open the box and try to work like this. Because then you can build attachments that are longer and that can fit in the box. So, these are different ways in a group of students depending on what exactly do you have to follow the course and to try to build a robot that lifts on something. You can even use the stairs. In this course we'll use the mission model because that's actually the mission.

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