How to set the brakes as an input parameter in commands Pro Preview

Some commands have a specific input parameter designed for the type of brake. If this input parameter is not entered, the commands stop with a brake and maintains the position of the wheels.

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  • 24 Aug 2020

In the commands input parameters, the brake is set via the "Stop" class.

Stopping engines without brakes

To stop motors without a brake, you can use "Stop.COAST".


Motor(Port.D).run_time(45, 2000, Stop.COAST)

Stopping engines with brakes

To stop the motors with the brake, you can use "Stop.BRAKE".


Motor(Port.D).run_time(45, 2000, Stop.BRAKE)

Stopping the engines and maintaining their position

You can use "Stop.HOLD" to stop the motors and make the robot maintain its position.


Motor(Port.D).run_time(45, 2000, Stop.HOLD)

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