Improving FLL Robot Game. Why Large 40 teeth gear wheels are not suitable for this base Pro Preview

There were a few problems with the 40 teeth gears that we were using. Let's list some of them

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  • 06 Mar 2017
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Not high enough

Using this approach for the Box Robot Two. Fewer parts and one motor. Simplifying a robot was not successful. We could not reach the needed height of lifting and the whole attachment was not working.


This is the easiest and the first system of gear wheels that we've thought about when lifting the robot. But we had some problems with it. When using this system of gears with our Box Robot we were able to lift the robot only to about 5 Lego units above the table. And we needed to lift the robot to about 13-14. So, we couldn't actually come up with a solution for lifting the robot with the 40 teeth gear wheels. But if you try and when you try and it's a very good exercise to try to do it, take a picture, send this picture to us, upload a video so that we can see what is your end result. And it will be very interesting for us. Then we moved to a second way and let's discuss the second way in the next section of the course.

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