Improving FLL Robot Game. Our solution to driving the gear mechanism Pro Preview

It this episode we would present you with our attachment for lifting the robot. 

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  • 24 Mar 2017
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Central axle

The central axle of the attachment is designed to be power from one of the medium motors. There is a system of gears that increases the torque and the robot could be lifted. 



At the end after you've completed the different tasks for changing the orientation we want to discuss how we've done this for our attachment. This is our attachment and we have the scissor mechanism right here. It's completely the same as the one that we showed you but it has some additional pins that we'll enter into more details in the next sections. What's important now is that we have this axle that will be connected to the motor of the robot. And when we rotate this axle what would happen rotating this axle is that the whole attachment will lift. Like this.

Why? Because we have a small gear wheel right here that's driving another larger gear wheel this one has 20 teeth. So, this one has 12 and this one has 20. And we change the direction here. And we have the large black 20 teeth gear wheel on the same axle as these two small 8 teeth gear wheels that are actually driving the system of gears. And the idea is simple. We have the motor. The motor is driving the small 12 teeth gear wheel. It is driving the larger 20 teeth gear wheel and it is then driving the whole system of gears. And here we can choose different system of gears that we'll discuss in the next video. It is important just to notice that when we rotate the main axle it will transfer the power to the small gear wheel right here at the scissor mechanism. Which will then rotate the 40 teeth gear wheel and from there the whole attachment moves forward.

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