Improving FLL Robot Game. How have we extended the axles Pro Preview

Here is our solution for preventing torsion and bending of the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 axles.

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  • 31 Mar 2017
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Use short axles

With short axles, it is much easier to prevent torsion. 

System of gear wheels

We need to increase the torque and we've added a system of gear wheels to do this. 


What have we done to prevent torsion and sagging of the axles when we transfer power from the center driving axle to the two sides of the attachment? To prevent torsion and sagging of the axles don't use long axles. First rule. Use short axles. And when you use short axles connect these axles with these red parts here. You have them in the set. I'm not sure how many you have but I think you have enough and try to always connect these axles with these red parts and this will prevent sagging and torsion of the different axles. What are the other things that we have done? We changed the direction of the gears, then we have a small system of gear wheels that increases the ratio and changes the ratio so that at the end we have larger torque not larger speed. And that's the main way that we do it.

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