Overview of the whole process of connecting the electronics in our Smart Car Pro Preview

We are about to connect the whole car with the lights and motors to the controller. Let's recap to know what is ahead of us, what would the process be and what is the end result of the next couple of sections when at the end we have a car controlled by the phone

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  • 23 Mar 2018
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Connect lights to the controller, connect the batteries, connect the rear motor to the motor driver, connect the motor driver to the controller, test-drive the rear motor, connect the front motor to the controller, drive.    

Why this process?

We start with the easiest thing - the lights. We can control the lights even without batters :). We then move to connecting the rear and front motors one at a time. But there is a special element that we must use and that is the motor driver. This would take some time so we do it in smallest step possible. First the rear motor, then the motor driver, the front motor. In the end, we are closing the car and we are ready to drive it with our phone.  


At this stage of the course you've done something very good. You've probably already extended all of the cables and we are now ready to connect the car to the other components. And I would like to do a quick overview of what lies ahead of us, why we are doing it and where the important parts are. Before we even get to write some software for our car we must connect the different components. And we'll follow the following process. We first connect the lights to the controller. This here is the controller and the lights are on this side of the car. Then we connect the batteries the batteries at the bottom. Then we connect the rear motor - this one here to the motor driver - this element right here. Then we connect the motor driver to the controller. The we test-drive that we've successfully connected the rear motor to the controller through the driver. And at the end we connect the front motor this one here to the controller. And we are ready to drive. So, lights, batteries, rear motor, front motor. And when connecting the rear and the front motor we must use this special element called the motor driver. You might be wondering why we are following this process specifically. Because we start with the easiest thing and the easiest thing are the lights. We can control the lights on the car even without batteries. Then we move to connecting the rear and the front motor but we must use the motor driver. And we must do the whole process in very small steps to make sure that we don't miss something and all the connections are okay. And at the end we close the car and we are ready to drive with our phone.

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