Задача: Надградете робота, като му добавите сензор за допир Pro Preview

Опитайте сами да поставите сензор за допир на робота.

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  • 03 May 2017
  • 2:06

Очакван резултат

Сензорът за допир е закрепен здраво за робота и сочи напред.

Какво означава стабилна конструкция

След прилагане на достатъчно голяма сила, сензорът трябва да остане на мястото си.


Your next task at this part of the course is to finally add a sensor to your robot. But what's interesting is that we are not providing you with any instructions on how to add the touch sensor to the robot. You have the robot, you have your box with all the parts in the box and you have the touch sensor. Now you should come up with a solution on how you can add this touch sensor to the robot. The goal at the end is to have the touch sensor pointing forward. But how exactly would you connect the touch sensor to the robot is part of the course where you should think of extending your current construction with new modules to add a touch sensor to the front of the robot. Try for a couple of minutes like 5, 10, 15 minutes and in the following videos we'll continue of course and we'll show you what we have built but try it yourself and try to come up with something unique. When you do don't forget to take a picture and a video of your robot and share this picture or video with us. One thing I forgot to mention is that at the end the sensor and the way the sensor is mounted to the robot the construction, the whole module here it should not allow the sensor to tilt. Or the whole construction should be very durable and stable. And we've seen a number of constructions where just the sensor is connected at just 1 point and it tilts down or up and it's not very stable. So, the sensor at the end it should not tilt. It should point forward.

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