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EV3 Phi. Teacher's Note. Recap on turning with LEGO Mindstorms robot Pro Preview

A special fourth case for a turning with robots with two wheels.

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  • 02 May 2017
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Spin turn with an offset

The fourth possible turn for a robot is turn around an arbitrary point between the center of the robot and the wheel of the robot. In order to achieve that you must program a move Tank Block with different directions and different power. We stop here and leave you to experiment.


A note for the teacher: When we want to have the center around which we are turning not right here in the middle between the two motors but slightly to the right not on the wheel but slightly to the right. How can we do this? If you need to have the center of rotation somewhere here, what should happen is that this here is the left wheel, this is my left hand, the left wheel should move forward, the right wheel should move backward. And this looks like a spin. But if the left wheel is moving forward faster than the right wheel, what will happen is that you have the center of rotation somewhere around here. Let's experiment and see the program. In the software I take a Move Tank block, set the number of rotations to 10 and motor C which is our right motor I would like this motor to move slightly backward with -10 as power while the other motor B moves with a power of 30. I'll just name the program to spin different and download this program.

The center of rotation is somewhere here.

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